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Stakkat Poster

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For the release of the Stakkat type family, type designer René Bieder collaborated with Stockholm based graphic designer Perniclas Bedow from the eponymous design studio, to create a poster celebrating the release of the family. The design incorporates a musical theme reflecting the name of the typeface. The displayed numbers are the birth years of Bedow's family members.

The Stakkat family is inspired by Clarendon, a slab serif typeface developed in London in 1845. The family takes the basic forms of Clarendon and brings them into a modern context. Features are exaggerated or simplified to create a sharp, contemporary look. The name is derived from the term "staccato," a musical articulation where successive notes are distinctly separated. The playing style reminded the Bieder of the angularity of the typeface.

Printed with silver and bronze, 50x70cm, on Colorplan Pale Grey, 100gsm

Frames are available separately.

Each copy comes with a 20% off promo code for your next order of fonts from Studio Rene Bieder.

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