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Paper #06 »The Good America« by Assorted Americans shop

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The sixth issue of P98a Paper, The Good America, features eleven submissions about an America apart from the tawdry and shocking headlines we’ve been living through for the past year. This issue of P98a Paper is filled with the USA of energy and warmth and experimentation and hilarity. It also includes a dozen caricatures and an introduction by P98a Paper’s editor, R. Jay Magill, and three deeply researched biographies of American typefaces.

Read more about it in its dedicated article.

Good America: Assorted Americans
Intro & Illustrations: R.Jay Magill Jr. 
Design: Susanna Dulkinys
Letter Stories: Ferdinand P. Ulrich
Production Notes: Erik Spiekermann 
Typefaces: FF Real by Erik Spiekermann & Ralph Du Carrois; Eames Modern Century by Erik van Blokland

Letterpress printed on a Korrex Proofing Press

Printed letterpress from digital plates on a 1952 Heidelberg cylinder by Daniel Klotz at Die Lettertypen, MetaPaper Extrarough 120g/m²

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