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Paper #04 »The Travel Diaries, 2012–15« by Joshua Cohen with illustrations by Tomas Clarkson (2nd edition) shop

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The fourth issue of p98a PAPER features the European travel diaries of the inimitable American writer Joshua Cohen, whose books include the critically acclaimed Witz (2010), Four New Messages (2012), and the Book of Numbers (2015). Contained within this issue’s day-glo covers, Cohen’s rapacious literary intelligence ranges over the sounds and sights of Odessa, paint flakes in a Bucharest hostel, an amendment to Herodotus, “new translations” of Da Vinci and Freud, and the adventures of the great Nicolas Joseph Lucien Louis Jérôme Merovingia Carolingia Capet Valois Bourbon Louis XVI Chauvin, the Honorable, the Tolerable, the III.

Contributors Text: Joshua Cohen
Illustrations: Tomas Clarkson
Introduction: R. Jay Magill Jr.
Design: Susanna Dulkinys
Production notes: Erik Spiekermann
RISO operator: Robyn Steffen
Typefaces: FF Real by Erik Spiekermann and Ralph du Carrois;
FF Hertz by Jens Kutílek

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