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Neurath Poster

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Type designer René Bieder collaborated with Stefan Gandl from the graphic design studio "Neubau Berlin" to design a poster for the release of the Neurath family. The design of Neurath began with a question: What if Paul Renner, the designer of the legendary Futura from 1927, had made different graphic decisions in the creation of Futura? Thus, the Neurath family builds on Futura and takes a new direction, blending the past with the present.

Gandl translated this concept and portrayed Otto Neurath, Renner's contemporary and the typeface's namesake, using ASCII art. By using a proportional font instead of the usual monospaced font for ASCII art, the effect of blending and merging past and modern elements is achieved.

Printed with silver on DIN A1(594 x 841mm), on Colorplan Ebony, 135gsm

Each copy comes with a 20% off promo code for your next order of fonts from Studio Rene Bieder.

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