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Kreol Poster

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For the release of René Bieder’s Kreol typeface collection Sydney based graphic designer and photographer Christopher Holt designed a two sided poster celebrating the release of the type family.

Holt, known for his typographic based work, utilises Kreol Text and shows its flexibility by using it in extreme font sizes ranging from 6 pt to 580pt.

On the front side, the visual interpretation of Creole languages – a mix of various languages – is reflected in the overlay of different writing styles, while the back side gives information about the origins of the language itself.

In addition, the choice of paper stock creates a blend of historical appeal combined with modern printing techniques. A mix that reflects the spirit of the typeface.

Printed in Black and Silver on 50x70cm Keaycolor China White, 120gms.

Frames are available separately.

Each copy comes with a 20% off promo code for your next order of fonts from Studio Rene Bieder.

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